Yannick Thiry @ Tomorrowland 2020

Side project - Album release

Scope Album Release (by Pralayah Records, Goa)

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Scope in Japan !

Yannick Thiry @ Tomorrowland 2018


New presets for Predator 2

Mastering Services - New Website!

After 13 years, it seems like it is time for a proper website about my professional activities. The real deal. 
So, here it is: www.yannickthiry.com


5 Years of Lost Theory Festival - Triple Celebration CD Release


CD1 Tracklist::
V/A – Organic Orchestra

01. Scope – Mambo Jambo
02. Ianuaria – Circumstellar
03. Petran – Chronic Effect
04. Mark Day – The Hillingdon Trail
05. Encephalopaticys – Happenings (Bio rmx)
06. Farebi Jalebi – Finding Theory
07. Whrikk – Beëlzebleep
08. NoizeBug – Sacred Device
09. Derango – Subconscious Thought Part I
10. Cropsadam – Tigern i Tallen


CD2 Tracklist::
V/A – Morning Madness

01. Nervasystem – Somewhere Else
02. BUS vs Planet B.E.N. – U-Boat (2015 Re-Edit)
03. Hux Flux – Idiot (2015 Re-Edit)
04. Toï Doï – Olde Light
05. Rabbit On Purple – Da Ding!
06. Electrypnose – Neoconolds
07. Ocelot – How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole
08. Terrafractyl vs PKA – Brains For Breakfast
09. Salakavala – Illusions
10. Texas Faggott – Portamental


CD3 Tracklist::
V/A – Groove Secret Chamber

01. Ryanosaurus – Beep N Creep
02. Sensient – Precise Device
03. Tijah – Spardav!mas Mistery
04. Kryptamine ft Tijah – Centorizonte
05. Kromagon – Clock Theory
06. Onionbrain – Ritual Mask
07. LuneCell – Machine Elves
08. Kasadelica & Divine Source – Receptors
09. Tersius – Shmorganise

SAE Alumni Portrait

Both Rafael and Yannick have finished their education at SAE.
Yannick in Brussels, Rafael in Amsterdam. 

The following article was issued in the June 2014 SAE Brussels Alumni Newsletter 
Hereby we would love to thank the whole SAE crew for their support throughout the years!  

New releases!


Check out the "releases"- section to find out more about our fresh releases! 


Back in the studio!


Scope Studio Trip

A new year: A new start!

We would like to thank all promotors and labels that supported us over the past year(s).
Thanks to all trancers on the floor who we shared our magical moments with!

You are an inspiration! 

The best way to get trough the winter is to keep busy. 
Since our aim is to release better tracks, not just more, 
we will use most of our time creatively. 

Back in the studio


Festival Summer 2013

Scope Studio

We are happy to announce that we have some new releases and gigs planned! 

Check our "agenda" & "releases" - pages! 

We hope to see you on the dancefloor very soon! 

Lost Theory Festival banner

Scope Psytrance bank for Blade OUT NOW !!!


SoundCloud logo


A new Scope preset bank is available in version 1.0.1 of Rob Papen Blade


SoundCloud logo


We finally cracked for this great tool called "Soundcloud".. (Better late than never)
More tracks available soon! ;)


2012 Summer Summary


This summer has been an amazing journey for us!
We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the organizers that booked us, the suberb crowds and great energy!
It was so nice to see our old friends again and to make new friends!

Now it\'s time to use all the inspiration we gathered and dive back into our studio.

Stay tuned for updates!

Ps : Feel free to join us on facebook

Festival Summer 2012


The summer is getting closer! 
We are looking forward to see you on the dancefloor(s) around Europe.

Do not forget to check our agenda to see if we will play at your beloved festival. 

Scope PsyTrance bank for Predator OUT NOW !!!



Scope PsyTrance bank for Predator



Scope PsyTrance bank for Predator 1.6.2 (or higher)

Type: .FXB

Size: 407KB

The "Scope" PsyTrance bank offers you the pleasure of psychedelic experience at home with a collection of sounds for

Progressive-Psy and Dark-Psy music-making.

The sounds are ready to use in your productions or live!

You can order it on the official Rob Papen Website




Our friends from Eargasm are spoiling us again with a crazy New Years party with 5 diffrent stages!
Be sure to check out the official Eargasm website for the complete line-up and additional info.

The countdown has begun!! :)


Lost Theory Festival flyer

Sherman Filterbank


    sherman logoSherman Quad Modular Filter


Thanks Herman Sherman for creating this wonderfull piece of equipment and thanks for sharing it with us !!! 

Lost Theory Festival


We are very much looking forward to this festival and to hook up with some old friends again!
Be sure to check out the Lost Theory Festival website for fresh updates!

C u all there!


Lost Theory Festival flyer



Welome to our new website! Everything will be up and running in a few days but feel free to browse around!